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Every business web design is custom and different. The only difference is in the number of hours we're budgeted by a client to design a website. With fewer hours, there may be fewer 'touches' added to build visual interest in the navigation or page content.

Site Count Results of over 200 basic sites

Electrical Dynamics Networks Web Design
Corporate Manufacturing Web Design

Project: Web Design, CSS, J-Script
Market: Manufacturing
: 15 pages

Overview: Our third site for Electrical Dynamics, a large electrical contractor in the Northeast. Launch Website (new window)...

Dia‚ÄĘCom Web Design
Manufacturing Website Design

Project: Web Design, CSS, SEO
Market: Manufacturing
: 30 pages

Overview: Our second site. They originally chose another local firm. We were hired to fix the site, enable the forms and build organic search engine marketing. Launch Website (new window)...

Pharmacy Web Design
Manufacturing Web Design

Project: Web Design, PHP/ LAMP
Market: Health Care
: 15 pages

Overview: This is the second site for the investors of this company. Online ordering and refills. Launch Website (new window)...

Low Cost Web Design : StaticWorx ESD Flooring
ESD Flooring web design in Boston Massachusetts

Project: Web Design, CSS, SEO
Market: Manufacturing
: 150 pages

Overview: Complex navigation drives this content delivery; one click navigation to any page. Top area design scheduled for Spring 2007. Launch Website (new window)...

Affordable Web Design : Eagle Payroll
Affordable financial services web design in MA

Project: Web Design, CSS, SEO
Market: Financial
: 10 pages

Overview: Lightning fast; also key phrase research. $1,100. Launch Website (new window)...

Retail Web Design : Beckonings
Gift Shop in NH and MA

Project: Web Design, SEO
Market: Retail
: 30 pages

Overview: Working in conjunction with Stray Communications, we built their second generation site pre-ecommerce. Included organic key phrase identification and optimization. Launch Website (new window)...

Gourmet Italian Restaurant
Restaurant web design in MA

Project: Web Design, CSS
Market: Restaurant
: 12 pages

Overview: Affordable design was needed to launch this high-end Italian Restaurant in MA.. $1,200. Launch Website (new window)...

Our Smallest Client : Steve The Cook Catering
Restaurant and catering web design in MA

Project: Web Design, CSS, SEO
Market: Catering
: 10 pages

Overview: Simple layout with vibrant photo at top drives this simple design. Under $1,000. Launch Website (new window)...


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