Access to All Real Estate for Sale

If you have a dedicated buyer agent on your side, you will have access to all real estate for sale, including properties listed in the MLS, for-sale-by-owner properties, and not-yet-listed properties.

An dedicated buyer agency office knows that their main form of advertising is not listed homes advertised on a storefront.  Rather, it is finding the perfect property to suit their buyer's needs.  Surveys show that if you are pleased with your buyer agent, you will tell ten other people to use him or her!  That motivates your exclusive agent to search high and low for exactly the right property for you. 

Some agencies also help investors find distressed, foreclosure or other below-market properties.  Others do not work in this market area. If you are an investor looking for these kinds of properties, you may wish to ask this question in your initial phone consultation.

Get a buyer agent who will provide you access to all real estate for sale.

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