What does a Buyer's Agent Cost?

Like any other real estate fee, the fee for a buyer's agent is usually built into the purchase price of a home and disbursed at closing.Hence, there is generally no additional cost for a home buyer to use a buyer´s agent. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that professional buyer's agents help buyers save both time and money.

Further, in a typical transaction, a portion of the money you, the buyer, brings to the table goes to the listing broker to compensate two agents: the listing agent and the agent who works with the buyer.Why not have one working with the buyer be one that represents you ?You'll have the benefit ofthe advice and support of an industryprofessionalwho would otherwise team up with the listing agent to help the seller get the best possible price and terms for their property.

A buyer's agent has an obligation to show the entire inventory of properties, including those in the Multiple Listing Service, for sale by owner (FSBO) properties, bank-owned properties, properties offered at auction, and new construction. Often, an experienced buyer's agent creates a network of real-estate-related experts who have done quality work for their clients in the past.This network may include attorneys, mortgage professionals, appraisers, engineers, architects, contractors, and home inspectors.

Additionally, a buyer's agent's due diligence and intensive research help to eliminate costly mistakes or hidden surprises for the home buyer. Some even arrange fordiscounts on inspections or otherprofessional services for their clients.

The job of a buyer's agent is not to "sell" any particular property, but to represent the best interests of thebuyer/consumerthroughout the home buying process.A buyer's agent helps consumers make smart decisions as they buy the home they love.

Services / Duties Provided Seller Agent Buyer Agent
Arrange property showings X X
Assist with financing X X
Provide property data X X
Explain forms / agreements X X
Monitor closing X X
Prepare property value study X
Represent buyers on MLS listed properties PLUS bank properties, auctions, FSBOs, new construction X
Promote and protect interest of the buyer at all times X
Advise the buyer even if it means pointing out reasons not to buy X
Disclose all research about property history & liens X
Negotiate in favor of the buyer for best price & terms X
Structure offer with the buyer's best interest in mind X
Keep buyer's financial capabilities / thoughts confidential unless authorized to disclose X


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