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iWARP Support

LNI technical services address the following needs:

External or third party testing of iWARP products

LNI has the tools, knowledge, and infrastructure to test iWARP products from a detailed testing (corner case, negative, conformance) point of view, or from a system (stress, interoperability, performance) point of view.

Development of the regression environment

Using pre-existing tools and tests LNI will work in conjunction with an organization to define and implement regression tests that are needed in a timely manner.

Best QA practices

Best QA practices address the identification and implementation of tools and processes that are likely to improve the bottom line of an organization bringing an iWARP product to market. LNI has an innovative approach to utilizing the QA manager and team earlier in the development cycle of a product. This innovative approach can bring a competitive advantage to your development efforts.

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