What is the price range of the gifts?
Your school cost on items will range from under .25 to about $7. You set the final selling prices to your students, which will typically run from .25 to $8. Most items are in the middle prices from $2 to $4.

How much merchandise do we receive?
You will receive over 120 different items, and of course a quantity of each of those. The total shipment is based on what we project your sales will be. That projection is based on the size of your school, your past experience, if any, and the demographics of your school. We also add a certain percentage to make sure your children at the end of the program have a wide selection of gifts to choose from.

Can we select our gift line?
In the spring you may "special order" up to 20% of your gift line. We will provide you with a catalog and a dollar amount which you may use as you wish. Those orders must be submitted no later than June 15th.

Special orders may be placed in the fall for up to 10% of your gift line. Those orders must be received by October 1st.

Can we get a cash register for our program?
Yes, a limited number of cash registers are available for free use for programs signing up in the Spring. Most schools find cash registers overrated. Tallying a budget envelope or a tally slip (provided free on request) with a calculator is faster and simpler than a cash register.

What happens if we run out?
If you run out during your program you may place reorders by phone on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Orders received by 2PM Eastern Standard Time will be shipped on the day which they are received. Schools in our direct delivery area will receive orders on the same night as the order directly to an individual's home. Schools outside of our direct delivery area will be shipped via FED-EX or UPS next day delivery. Every school is allowed one freight free reorder.

Do the gifts have prices on them?
The gifts are price coded. This allows you to charge whatever you want on items. If you want to use the codes you may. Price codes reflect a school profit of from 5% to 25%.

Can we price mark the merchandise?
Actually, no. Marked items are not returnable for credit.

Most schools jot down the gift selling price onto the students budget envelope as they are given the gift. The prices may be also be written onto the back of the bag which the gift(s) are placed in. The cashier then simply totals those numbers and collects payment. Other schools collect the payment at the table.

Are there any risks on the program?
All merchandise is shipped on full consignment. This means you only pay for the items that are not inventoried and returned to us. You are however responsible for items stolen, misplaced or "unreturned" for any other reason. Damaged items may be returned for full credit.

What happens if we cancel?
When you confirm your event, you are making a good faith commitment for your group or it's successors to run the program as specified in your agreement. If events make that impossible you may cancel an event without penalty. We do however ask you to…

  1. Return at your expense or pay for any items already shipped to you, including supplies and bonus merchandise.
  2. Reimburse us for our shipping costs for those items that have already been shipped. If the event is cancelled prior to any shipping there is no cancellation cost.

What about broken items?
Damaged items can be returned to us along with your unsold merchandise for full credit.

Can parents return items?
Sure, if they are not happy with any purchases they may return any item for a full refund within 90 days. We will reimburse parents for return shipping costs as well.