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Superfinishing, sometimes called micromachining or short-stroke honing, is a low temperature, low stock removal process.

It improves part geometry and surface finish by removing the amorphous layer formed during the grinding process. The superfinishing process results in a number of significant benefits including:

Increased part life
Decreased wear rates
Higher load bearing surfaces
Quieter performing parts
Improved sealing capabilities
Elimination of the “break in” period
Reduction in energy consumption

Darmann makes a wide variety of custom conventional and superabrasive products used to superfinish a wide range of parts.

We manufacture a range of stones used in through feed processes to finish cylindrical parts such as tapered rollers, piston pins, shock absorber rods, shafts and needles. We also manufacture stones with special radii and features appropriate for plunge processes commonly used to finish surfaces of irregular shaped parts. Wheels for flat or spherical superfinishing processes are also available.  

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