Engineering Support

From new plan and spec construction to a delicate retrofit for a high profile customer, Cambridgeport's Engineering staff is available to help with your solution.

We utilize the latest in technology including CFD (computational fluid dynamics), 3D solid modeling and automated parametric design models. Our staff has a long history of identifying solutions and designing custom products. Applying our knowledge along with the aid of technology, we know exactly how the product will perform under your conditions.

We offer field support and representation when needed and fully support our products after installation. Our engineering approach is to look toward value added strategies in both cost and performance to ascertain the best balance of value
for our customers.

Beyond our standard product offering and support, Cambridgeport also works with customers on special design-build projects. Being a full service sheet metal products manufacturer we have the equipment, craftsmen, and knowledge to handle a wide scope of projects. We manufacture numerous assemblies on an O.E.M. basis for our customers, some very simple such as stamped or formed parts, others being complex assemblies involving large cabinets with wiring and piping.

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Cambridgeport products include curb, vibration isolation, curb machine, burglar bar, commercial hvac, curb weight, air condition unit, economizer and roof curbs.