Concentric Packages

Cambridgeport Concentric Packages allows the supply and return air to share the same diffuser, eliminating any additional cost of having custom duct work fabricated.

Cambridgeport offers two types of diffuser’s with the Concentric Package. A flush mount and a drop box diffuser grille. The flush mount diffuser grille is typically installed in a finished space i.e. suspended ceiling. While the drop box diffuser grille is commonly used in an open space such as distribution centers and warehouses.

Pre-Painted, Double Deflection Grille
Flush Mount Diffused Grille
Drop Box Diffuser Grille
Flex Duct Configuration
Hard Duct Configuration
Supply & Return Insert Pans
Insulated Transition Box


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Cambridgeport products include curb, vibration isolation, curb machine, burglar bar, commercial hvac, curb weight, air condition unit, economizer and roof curbs.