Coil Guards Coil Guards

Cambridgeport Coil Guards have been engineered to install easily on popular commercial rooftop units.  The Coil Guards have been engineered to allow proper airflow so condenser performance remains unchanged.  The design of the opening has also been carefully developed in order for the Guard to blend into the unit. The Guards are low profile
and protect the condenser coils from hail and
foreign objects.

Protects coil from damage by severe weather, incidental      contact and vandalism
Powder coated galvanized steel meets ANSI 500 hour salt      spray requirements
Pre-punched mounting holes facilitate easy installation
Available for many OEM makes and models
Removable for easy coil access
Custom tooled louver profile matches rooftop units and      does not effect the condenser performance
Custom sizes available


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Cambridgeport products include curb, vibration isolation, curb machine, burglar bar, commercial hvac, curb weight, air condition unit, economizer and roof curbs.