Sure Lock Roof Curb

Sure Lock Roof CurbThe Cambridgeport sure-lock roof curb. Our gift to the world of contracting. The sure-lock roof curb design can save contractors up to 80% on field labor and curb installation time. The sure-lock curb is self-squaring, uses no threaded fasteners, and slides easily into place. The “sure-clip” fastening device, helps improve rigidity and stiffness, while providing a tight positive lock. The sure-lock system is designed for use with all air conditioning units. As shown below, our way is much simpler

Sure Lock Roof CurbOLD WAY:

Take a side rail and an end rail, and align into a 90 deg. angle. Place a corner bracket on the inside of the curb rails. Align the pre-punched holes. Fasten the corner bracket and the curb rails using nuts and bolts - four required per corner. Install two tek-screws through the bracket on the top of the curb and into the wooden nailer.


Join sure-lock curb at a 90 deg. angle. Slide the “sure-clip” down the inside corner of the curb rail, allowing the “tongues” on the clip to slide through the “keepers” on the rail. Gently tap the clip the remaining distance with the hammer, tightly locking the corner in place.

Burglar Bars

Burglar Bottom Burglar TopWhen safety and security are a primary concern, Cambridgeport burglar bars deliver, providing a secure shield against intruders within the HVAC duct. Fabricated from a one-piece welded construction, Cambridgeport burglar bars are made from heavy 18 gauge galvanized steel, with 1/2” OD steel rods.

Our unique flanged design makes it necessary to lift the entire unit to attempt access, a major advantage over other burglar bars. Burglar bar kits are a must with every curb order.

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Cambridgeport products include curb, vibration isolation, curb machine, burglar bar, commercial hvac, curb weight, air condition unit, economizer and roof curbs.